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Finally Solavei...

A New Home Business Capitalizing on

the Pre-Paid Wireless Cell Phone Trend.

Why You Can Succeed With Us!

This Isn't About How I Can Recruit People - This Is About Helping You Easily Recruit People!

In fact if you do this right you may have to turn away people.

Think of going to school and this business. Everyone starts in kindergarten or first grade. You start with very simple things to learn making it very easy to succeed in school. And we do the same with this business.

Not to belittle anyone but we make it easy for you to succeed with the equivalent of a first grade education. Than for those who want to learn more and do even more we can take them all the way up to a pHD in home business. How far they want to go is entirely up to them.

It all starts with letting someone know they can get 4G nationwide wireless service (with a top carrier) with Unlimited Voice, Text, and Data for $49 a month.

If they want to save more they can refer others. And that's where we step in and help.

Everything from team websites, to conference calls to email updates to personal phone calls and more.

We believe you will get more support from our team than any other team in Solavei.

That's it we're done for now - if you are the type of person who may eventually be interested in more advanced courses in building a business you may want to check out the following below:

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Check out this short video and the other information below.

Actually this is a lesson in human nature as much as it is network marketing.

Most of us reading this at one time or another been recruited to join a network marketing company as well as tried to recruit others.

Here's the big mistake I as well as virtually every other person in this industry has made or continues to make. We try to recruit people (rightfully so) and our whole goal is to get them into our business and hope they recruit other people. If we would focus our thoughts and efforts on how we can help others be more effective recruiting we will have no trouble recruiting people ourselves.

That's the philosophy- so how do we make this happen. It's easy to say you want to do something, making it happen is the harder part.

Well the first step is obviously identifiying what you want to do - your goal - create a system that makes it easier to recruit others in this case using the internet..

Our next step is revealing to prospects the reasons why our opportunity is something they should be interested in. This has to be very attractive as ours is. (Click here for this information).

Our next step involves actually giving the prospect a glimpse of the process we would show them to enable them to recruit virtually as many people as they would like on the internet (note this can even be used to recruit locally on the internet).

Here is that glimpse -

Obviously I'm not going to give you a step by step manual right here as I offer a weekly training in this regard. However, here is the background of that training and what it entails.

First my background and and why I'm qualified to teach you this information. I've been successfully marketing on the internet since 1995 and I've been making a full time living from it since 1997. It has allowed me to live on the 14th tee of a prestigious golf course in the Atlanta area.

One thing I've learned in my 15 years is that successful marketing involves giving your customers and clients a better deal than the other guy. That makes people want to do business with you.

At the heart of what my training will show you how to do is find prospects, how to contact them and how to make them interested in what you have to offer. One thing you will quickly learn that is quite exciting is that there are no shortage of prospects on the internet for you to contact.

Here's the real value of this training - anyone can go online to Twitter, Facebook or any of the social networking sites online. What I'll teach you is how to get noticed and how to contact these prospects so they actually want to work with you. Plus you'll learn how to contact even good quality prospects.

I'll let you in on my bigest secret of why this is so effective at recruiting people. Call it whatever you want but I call it a better deal. Think for a minute about how the typically recruiting scenario goes, let's say you're contacted by someone about joining their opportunity. It may go something like this, "hey Frank I've come across this great opportunity it's like no opportunity I've ever seen. It's about cell phones and and the trend in cell phones is moving in this direction we have great timing right now to be one of the first to get positioned ahead of that trend and make a killing."

Ok that may be great if the opportunity is so mind-boggling incredible that all you have to do is mention it and people stumble over themselves to signup. However, what most people are most interested in is how are they going to be successful, how are they going to interest others and if you can show them that they'll be interested in joining you.

Most people don't even consider what they can bring to the table to interest others in joining them. We're going into this with 15 years internet marketing experience to give the people we recruit every advantage to recruit others.

So we invite you to come join us and be that totally awesome home business person that we know is inside you.

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