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Before We Provide the Answers here's a Quick Review of What this Marketing Quiz is All About.

This stems from a conversation I had with an individual I was speaking to recently about a business opportunity. When he was asked by an associate of mine if this opportunity wasn't right for you than can you tell me what would be the perfect home business you're looking for? To which he replied I don't know but I'll recognize it when I see it. While this may be true if you haven't taken the time to really understand what constitutes the almost perfect opportunity you won't see it early on when you can take maximum advantage of it. What could have made you tens of thousands a month may only net you thousands or even only hundreds a month, because you discovered the real opportunity much too late.

So this was designed to help your define your ideal opportunity and/or what would make an excellent 2nd income stream for you.

What criteria would you use in evaluating or what would make you want to market a product, company or service? Here are what are expert consensus came up with as the correct answers and the sound marketing reasons for them.

You Should Definitely have Selected A, B, C, D, G (With caveat) and J

Here is our expert analysis of each of these factors based on over 15 years highly successful experience in this field.

A. Timing - If you said timing was important you are absolutely correct. The right timing should be at the top of your list of why to market something. However, just because something is new is not necessarily a reason for marketing it. See the other criteria.

B. Lack of competition - if you selected this very good, however there is unseen competition to consider here. For example the competition for Energy Water in reality is all the energy and juice drinks on the market like Monavie, Noni, Goji, Acai berry and more.

C. Internet marketing - if you selected this very good, however, with the ability to market most products on the internet these days the real thing to look for are there internet marketing experts available to help you prospect and market on the intermet.

D. Commission structure and marketing efforts of others- if you selected this very good. All of the really big money in internet marketing made by the gurus is made because they have created joint venture partners. Even if you're not a top flight intenet marketer you can still benefit from efforts of those marketers who are much better than yourself. In fact this should be a top consideration in any product you decide to market, whether you can leverage your own efforts by benefiting from the marketing efforts of even stronger marketers than yourself. If you're looking at a network marketing program I would recommend you avoid unilevel or even binary com plan programs. You're pretty much on your own marketing in one of these programs. I would recommend you look for a program with a forced matrix comp plan to assure you're benefiting from more than just your own efforts.

E. Your friends - unless your friends are highly successful marketers themselves this should never be a serious factor. If the other important factors are there than working with your friends could be a very good thing for inspiring each other.

F. High profile spokesperson - I certainly wouldn't put a whole lot of creedence in this. Now obviously if everthing else is looking great about an opportunity and you also have a High profile spokesperson then great that's like having icing on the cake. But this should never be a main deciding factor.

G. High profile/successful marketers - It all depends on other factors. For example I was having a conversation with a top marketer friend of mine recently and he was telling the story about several years back an associated of his was being featured on conference calls, etc. because of how well he was doing (making about $40,000 a month). Anyway this friend of mine was able to see this guys back office (by mistake) and everyone of the people he had recruited were making a few hundred dollars at best, most weren't making a dime. What you really want to look for are top marketers who can help you make money, not make money for themselves at your expense. And of course this is going to depend on factors like the things we just discussed like the right comp plan.

H. Car bonuses- this is just a bad idea and this would be more of a reason to not join a company than to join it. If a company is offering a car bonus it just means they're taken money from some other part of the comp plan to pay for it. The problem with a car bonus is you have to qualify for it month after month or they take this bonus money away and and this could be a problem if you alreay have a lease or note for this car.

I. Big money hype- if a company message is always stressing how much money you can make then it's usually to distract you from other aspects of their company that aren't right. If you don't have all the attributes in place we've just been discussing you're not going to make big money regardless of what the "big talk" might be.

J. Company ownership - this is extremely importand going both ways. If everthing else looks sound than examine, whether or not the ownership is ethical and talented. If they're not than you could be taking a big risk regardless of how everything else looks.

So how did you do?

Bonus Question to Think About - Every good marketer has a reason for everything they do - this is like an essay question to help you improve your marketing. So the question to think about is this - what do you believe is the primary reason I created this quiz - survey? Think about it and contact me below if you wish. I would be more than happy to discuss any of this with you.

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There is something myself and some very high caliber marketers are very excited about and here is why: It fits all of the above criteria even better than I could have thought possible.

1. Timing - its brand new and it's a product everyone uses - cell phones. We are First Company that is successfully Bringing Cell phones to the home business market. This not only satisfies the criteria of great timing

2. Competition - there is little to no competition in the home business market for cell phones. Especially as the entire market is moving toward pre-paid cell phones.

3. Internet Marketing - As a 15 year highly successful internet marketer you would stand to benefit in a big way especially because of 4 below. Plus in addition we show you how to recruit on the internet at no charge. See the video below.

4. Commission Structure - Comp Plan - Because this opportunity is a 3x9 forced matrix where you're only required to recruit 3 people a person stands to possibly benefit in a big way from the likes of top marketers like myself who recruit a lot of people. I'm only 3 levels from the top of the matrix and everyone I recruit has to go under someone in the matrix.

5. High Profile Successful Marketers - We teach you how to use the internet to make money and find prospects. We've been doing this for 15 years we can show you how plus there is the 3x9 forced matrix. See 4 above plus see the video below.

6. Company ownership - The company has deep financial ownership plus the CEO is a very ethical Christian man with a ton of successful experience turning companies into gold.

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Passing thought - think of all the products or services that are used by virtually everyone that could possibly be marketed through a home business but aren't (at least not in a big way).

I can think of a few like energy (electric and gas) and cell phones. The problem with energy is its regulated within each state, which makes it hard and impractical to build a home based business built around marketing energy (gas and electricity).

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