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Solavei Wireless Cell Phone Home Based Business

Start Your Own Mobile Phone Home Based Business. Our goal with Solavei is a couple fold - first to help people save money on an excellent Cell Phone Service. And second to help people make enough money to make a difference in their lives. (Create a million Thousandaires!)

Starting at launch, Solavei will offer the following best-in-class Android™ Smartphones, optimized by the power of the Solavei App.

HTC One S Smartphone
Available for $529
HTC Wildfire Smartphone
Available for $249
ZTE Origin

Available for $159
Your Current Phone
Available for Free
For A Complete Business OverView of Solavei Watch the Following Video

Solavei Compensation Plan - How You Get Paid

The Solavei Compensation Plan consists of Trios, not levels! A Trio consists of 3 people with the same enroller. The Trios you enroll are considered your first degree of connection!

The Trios they enroll are considered your second degree of connection!

Your Personal Network consists of your Trios and their Trios! Your Extended Network consists of anything outside of your Personal network (beyond two degrees of connection).

Trio Pay - Residual Income

Pays $20 per month for Trios in your Personal Network (those you personally enroll and those they personally enroll. In other words, your first two "levels or generations" of Trios!

Earn on these Trios month after month as long as the Trio is not broken. If someone in a Trio does not order, then it is no longer qualified as a Trio and you will not earn $20 on that Trio.

Horizontal Compression: Re-forms a Trio if you have people in your network who are not already assigned to a Trio. For example: if someone has 4 members they have brought in, thus getting paid for a Trio with one left over, and their Trio breaks (someone drops out), their 4th member will automatically slot in and complete the Trio so there is no breakage in their pay. No additional actions are required from the member, the system that Solavei has designed will compress automatically (horizontally) when a Trio breaks, as long as you have people who are not already in a Trio!

Vertical Compression: there is no vertical compression in the plan. If a member who has enrolled others becomes deactivated, their place remains unfilled. The rest of their network remains unchanged. Remember, there are no "levels" so if a person is deactivated, the Trios they may have enrolled, are still a part of your network.

The Solavei Community (website back office) will provide a view of your network and the status of its members so you will be able to monitor your organization.

When you get paid:

Trio Pay is based on monthly service plan fees paid by Members with the earnings calculated and paid semi-monthly. Trio Pay is earned after each Member of a Trio completes their monthly mobile service anniversary and pays the following month's mobile service fee. Trio Pay earned between the 1st and 15th of the month is paid on the 24th. Trio Pay earned between the 16th and the last day of the month is paid on the 12th of the following month.

Additional Trio Pay Details below and on detailed Compensation Plan. Watch the Compensation Video Below.

Fast Action Bonus (FAB) - first 60 days incentive program

Begins on your enrollment date (or Sept. 21st if you enrolled before Sept. 21st)

Ability to earn immediate bonuses up to $650 in first 60 days. Earn $650 by enrolling only 12 people within your first 60 days!

Paid only on Service and Social Members (FAB is not paid on Social Members without Service).

Paid only on Trios that are personally enrolled directly by you.

Pays $50 for 1st Trio 3 people, you've earned $50
Pays an Additional $100 for 2nd Trio 3 more people = 6 total, you've earned a total of $150
Pays an Additional $200 for 3rd Trio 3 more people = 9 total, you've earned a total of $450
Pays an additional $300 for 4th Trio 3 more people = 12 total, you've earned a total of $650

When you get paid:

Each of the four FAB Bonuses will be paid within the semi-monthly compensation period earned. You do not have to wait until the 60-day timeframe ends!

There are two cut offs for this bonus. The first one is midnight of the 15th day of the month to be paid on the 24th day of the month. The second one is the last day of the month to be paid on the 12th day of the following month.

Path Pay - Residual Income

All members have the opportunity to earn "Path Pay" as they move up in Rank.

Rank is based on achieving progressively higher combinations of Personal Trios (first two degrees of connection) and Total Trios in your network.

Use the chart below to see what it takes to earn any where from $50 per month to $20,000 per month! And see the one time Advancement Path Bonuses! Remember, this does not include your Trio Pay monthly earnings (see above)!

A Social Member cannot have more than 40% of the required total Trios come from any one individual within your network.

When you get paid:

Qualification for Path Pay is calculated as of the end of a calendar month and paid on the 12th of the following month.

Path Bonuses - one time Advancement Bonuses

Path Bonuses are earned and paid semi-monthly based on achieving the required numbers of Trios in the compensation period. See Chart above.

Examples of income that can potentially be earned!

*The first example below is within your first 60 days, therefore you earn the FAB.

**These trios are those you enrolled and those they enrolled (your Personal Network).

***Some of these Trios are out of your Personal Network, therefore you get paid the Trio Pay only on those within your Personal Network ($1,040).

We have an opportunity for the First Time to be at the Top of something monumental! We believe this will be the next Telecom Giant in the industry. Why? Because we are at the front of a paradigm shift. The wireless industry in the US is moving from Post Paid to Pre paid service just like it already has in the rest of the world.

Wireless Cell Phone Talking Points

A MASSIVE shift in Wealth is beginning to happen NOW!

America is transitioning from Post-Paid phone service to Pre-Paid

YOU can profit in this $150 Billion dollar technology shift

In Europe – over 80% already have Pre Paid Phone Service

North America is just the opposite – over 80% are Post Paid

The next 3-5 years will see a massive shift from Post-Paid to Pre-Paid

270 million in U.S. have cell phones/Wireless segment is $150 Billion

Already 20% of U.S. households have no landlines

Wireless Cell Phone PRODUCTS and SERVICES


  • Lead with Wireless - 4 Trillion dollar global business
  • No Contracts/No credit Checks
  • Top of the line equipment
  • Android Smart Phones
  • You can use your Current Phone in Many Cases

Our Vision Helping people enjoy time freedom

Other Notes

Look for those who understand the power of this opportunity - this will be huge. Already we are seeing massive interest in this opportunity from the ads we are runnning.

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