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Saving Money and Making Money on Cell Phone Plans.

What's More Important to You Saving Money on Cell Phone Plans or Making Money? Or Perhaps Both?

Almost everyone loves saving money the following is only applicable to those interested in making money.

This stems from a conversation I had with an individual I was speaking to about a business opportunity. When he was asked by an associate of mine if this opportunity wasn't right for you than can you tell me what would be the perfect home business you're looking for? To which he replied I don't know but I'll recognize it when I see it. While this may be true if you haven't taken the time to really understand what constitutes the almost perfect opportunity you won't see it early on when you can take maximin advantage of it. What could have made you tens of thousands a month may only net you thousands or even only hundreds a month, because you discovered the real opportunity much too late.

So if you haven't really defined your ideal opportunity take a couple minutes and take this short quiz - it is designed to help you in this regard.

There are basically two ways of making money - the easy way and the hard way. The hard way often involves real labor and it typically doesn't pay very well.

The easy way often involves either a great idea, great timing or both. Great timing is the easiest of course it just involves being at the right place at the right time.

I want you to do a simple exercise with me - let's put on our thinking caps.

If you fancy yourself a marketer or internet marketer or would simply like to improve your internet marketing skills take the following little quiz.

What criteria would you use in evaluating or what would make you want to market a product, company or service? Select 1 or more of the following:

A. The right timing- there is tremendous interest in the product and it has a great upside (the product should sell well for several years at least).

B. Very little competition with the product in the area you plan on marketing it. For example if you were planning on marketing cell phones in malls and currently no one was selling cell phones that way.

C. Can the product, company or service be marketed on the internet?

D. Does the commission structure allow me to benefit fom the marketing efforts of others on my team even potentially more so than my own efforts?

E. Is your decision primarily based upon your friend is marketing these products or services?

F. Is your decision primarily based upon the fact that a high profile celebrity or well known person is a "spokesperson" for the product/company? 2nd part of this question, if your answer is yes how specifically is this spokesperson going to aid your chances for success?

G. Is it a big factor that top marketers (those that have made a lot of money in other programs) are involved promoting the product/company?

H. Is it an important factor that a company offers a car bonus?

I. Is it a determining factor that you heard about all the "big money" you can make marketing a product/company?

J. Is the ownership and those running the company important to you

So how did you do - which of the above did you consider important -

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