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A Wireless Cell Phone Home Based Business

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Cellular Home Business!

Starting at launch, Solavei will offer the following best-in-class Android™ Smartphones, optimized by the power of the Solavei App.

HTC One S Smartphone
Available for $529
HTC Wildfire Smartphone
Available for $249
ZTE Origin

Available for $159
Your Current Phone
Available for Free

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We have an opportunity for the First Time to be at the Top of something monumental! We believe this will be the next Telecom Giant in the industry. Why? Because we are at the front of a paradigm shift. The wireless industry in the US is moving from Post Paid to Pre paid service just like it already has in the rest of the world. With exclusive products and services and a cost of entry everyone will be able to afford. We literally will have a chance to have thousands, and thousands in our organization before the initial launch.

Cellular Home Business Talking Points

A MASSIVE shift in Wealth is beginning to happen NOW!

America is transitioning from Post-Paid phone service to Pre-Paid

YOU can profit in this $150 Billion dollar technology shift

In Europe – over 80% already have Pre Paid Phone Service

North America is just the opposite – over 80% are Post Paid

The next 3-5 years will see a massive shift from Post-Paid to Pre-Paid

270 million in U.S. have cell phones/Wireless segment is $150 Billion

Already 20% of U.S. households have no landlines



  • Wireless - 4 Trillion dollar global business
  • No Contracts/No credit Checks
  • Top of the line equipment
  • Convert text to voice & responds by voice, reads your email out loud

ENTRY POSITIONS - Low cost to join

Only $49 to join plus $49 per month for cell phone service - no other monthly fees.


  • Company Support
  • Team Support
  • Upline Support

Note: To those as part of our team we will be providing internet marketing training from my over 17 years internet marketing experience.

Can be worked 95 - 100% from Home

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Simple Strategy
  • Email/Phone Calls
  • Recorded Presentations
  • Go to Meeting Training
  • Live Online Presentations available
  • 3-way calls


  • Our Goal - Help People Save Money
  • Our Mission Securing financial futures
  • Our Vision Helping people enjoy time freedom

Other Notes

Look for those who understand the power of this opportunity - this will be huge. Already we are seeing massive interest in this opportunity from the ads we are runnning.

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Our Vision -to bring value to and improve the life and financial well-being of 100,000 lives especially small & home business people.

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